Paleo Pineapple-Coconut Fried “Rice” Recipe!

Pineapple-Coconut Fried Rice


I’m currently in a competition all about fitness. You’ve gotta go to the gym every day, take a fitness class, and eat clean. As a person that used to eat whatever I wanted, switching to Paleo, or the “hunter and gatherer diet”, has been difficult. I must say that I have found some great recipes that make life so much better while eating Paleo. One of these recipes includes something of my very own, and it is the Pineapple-Coconut Fried Rice recipe. It’s delicious, healthy, and easy enough that even someone who never cooks (aka ME) can make it. So let’s finally get into it.

Ingredients: (For this recipe you will need a food processor or a cheese grater to shred the cauliflower into small, rice-like pieces.)

– 1 head of cauliflower

– 1 pineapple

– Sugar snap peas (or any vegetable you would prefer)

– Medium sized onion

– 2 eggs

– Coconut oil

– Coconut shreds (make sure it is all natural, NO sugar or unnatural sweeteners)

Steps for making your deliciousness:

1. This first step is the hardest, but don’t get scared away. You will need your food processor, or cheese grater for this step. Begin to pull pieces off of the head of cauliflower and shred them in the food processor/cheese grater. You need to do this multiple times until you use the whole head of cauliflower, or until you have your desired amount of “rice.”

2. For this next part you need a pan that is kind of deep like the one in the picture. Take about a spoonful of coconut oil and place it on your pan, and turn the heat on to melt the oil. The heat does not have to be very high for the oil to melt. Once the oil has become completely melted it is time to add your cauliflower.

Pot For Coconut Fried Rice

3. Begin to let your “rice” cook for a couple of minutes on medium or low heat. Now you can start to add everything else. I added my snap peas first. I then added the shredded coconut. I don’t have any specific measurements for this you can just add to taste. Next I cut up an onion into fairly small pieces. I don’t think I used even half the onion because I didn’t want to over do it, but this is 100% your preference, so add a lot or add none at all, it’s up to you. I then cut up a pineapple into small cubes, and added them in. After I added all of those I mixed them and let them cook a few minutes before adding the egg. A little side note is to keep stirring through all these processes or your cauliflower may become burnt on the bottom.

4. Time for the egg! I moved the mixture to the side so that I could see the bottom of the pan in one spot, this is where I put the egg. Now let the egg cook until it can be “mashed.” By mashed I mean it shouldn’t be runny anymore and you should be able to separate the egg and spread it throughout the rice. Repeat this process with your 2nd egg, again 2 might not be enough for you, if it isn’t repeat the process until you have the desired amount of eggs.

5. Continue mixing the rice. I let the rice on the bottom get slightly brown, but not burnt and then I turned the heat off. That is it. Now you can eat your wonderful creation.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, I know I do, it’s so delicious, and healthy! If you try this out let me know what you think!




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