My Beloved Dogs

One of my favorite things to photograph are animals. Every picture of them is real. No fake poses. No fake smiles. Just natural. And with every picture, there comes a story, here are the stories of my dogs.




This is Remi. She’s the most friendly dog you will ever meet. She loves to cuddle, and lick your face. She’s about 5 years old. My family was at least 1,000 miles from home when we decided to get Remi. We were visiting my grandparents when we went to a pet store. At the time I had been begging for a puppy, but my mom was a bit wary of getting a dog. We asked to hold one of the Jack Russell puppies in the cage, and as soon as my mom got her hands on the little puppy, she was hooked. She finally agreed to getting a puppy. Since we had to take a plane back home to New York, getting a puppy in Florida wasn’t really an option, so we went online searching. We found an ad for Jack Russell puppies that were being sold quite close to where we lived, and my mom decided to call the number left on the page. No answer. My mom left a message anyway because, well, we REALLY wanted a puppy! It took hours of anticipation before the woman finally called us back, and we were in the middle of a grocery store… The lady described the puppies that were left. One of them that she described really stood out. She said she was very friendly, so much so that if someone didn’t take her soon, they would end up keeping her. They also said she was smart, she came to the noise of treats being shook around in a bottle. She said one more thing that sold this puppy to us… she said half her face is white, and half her face is brown. The reason this was such a motivation to buy Remi is because she was the one that we were looking at in the picture. We thought the one with the half and half face was just so adorable! So we said we would take her, and we asked the woman to keep her on hold.

As soon as we got home we set out to get our new puppy. When we arrived at the place, the puppies were in a little fence. You know those flimsy wire fences. Well as soon as Remi saw us she started climbing that fence, and she got to the top too. Then she put her head through the wrong hole, so she wasn’t home free yet. We then scooped her up and took her home. She’s been an awesome dog, and more importantly companion, these past five years. I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Boo Radley

Boo Radley

This is another one of my dogs Boo. It’s short for Boo Radley like the character in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” At first his name was Boo Bear, but my dad wasn’t too keen on the idea of having to call out for “Boo Bear” all the time, so we settled on Boo Radley. He is around 3 years old. The story of how Boo came into my life is quite funny, and ironic. One day when I was home alone I heard my parents pulling into the driveway, so I got up, left my room, and went to the living room to greet them. They weren’t the only ones I greeted though. I saw something wiggling under my mom’s sweatshirt, she was hiding something from me. She then proceeded to uncover the little black bundle of joy. That’s exactly what I felt when I saw him, joy. I asked where he came from, and my dad said Home Depot. From this, I was a bit caught off guard. My mom had a chiropractic appointment, and somehow they came home with a puppy from Home Depot.

My dad normally goes to Lowes, so it sort of feels like fate that he was at Home Depot that day. While my mom was ย at her appointment my dad decided to go to Home Depot, this is when he saw a man trying to give a small little Lab-Chow mix puppy away. My dad got away the first time saying “We already have another pup at home” and he entered the store. Then, after shopping he came out to find the man still holding the puppy this time it was even harder to pass up, but yet again he did. Finally as he was pulling out he looked over and saw the man with the puppy one last time, and that’s when he opened the window and said he would take him. My mom wasn’t too fond with the idea that my dad was bringing home another puppy without her consent. Despite what she may say, I know she’s happy that my dad was at the right place at the right time! Love ya mom! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Boo is such a great dog. He’s one of the most well mannered, and happiest dogs I have ever met. Soon after getting him he earned his nickname “Mr. Wiggles” because of the way his whole body wiggles when he wags his tail, and he wags his tail A LOT!ย 


ChewbaccaFinally, last but not least, this is Chewbacca, but we mostly call him Chewie. Now he’s the baby of the bunch, he’s brand spanking new, I’ve only had him a couple of weeks. He is only 12 weeks old! He’s a BIG trouble maker! Did I make that clear enough? Let me tell you he is a mischievous little thing. He may be tiny but he is a ball of energy. I payed for this guy, he’s all mine, my first living investment! It took some convincing and arguing, and debating on why we should get another dog, but I finally convinced my parents, well my dad wasn’t too excited. (I know that’s a table turner right?!) He is used to him now.

The other two dogs are warming up to him too. In fact you will probably see a BUNCH more pictures of them all playing together next Tuesday, which is when I will be posting my photography posts! (I’m planning a posting schedule! I’m so excited!) This dog is so much fun, he is not potty trained, he chews your ankles, but you look into his tiny little eyes, and you can never be mad. He means no harm. He’s barely even months old yet! I almost forgot! What would a story about my puppies be without something ironic? Chewie was an April Fool’s baby. Yup! No wonder he is such a piece of work, but these past few weeks have been so much fun, and I look forward to spending many years to come with this dog.


I hope you enjoyed these stories. I always think it’s neat to see a picture of a person, animal, or thing, and then read a story about it, and my main inspiration is from the People Of New York page on Facebook. Let me know if you have any funny, unique, or ironic stories about how you got your dogs. Also if you liked this post then you should keep an eye out for one about my cats! (I have three of them too!!!)




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